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We are looking to build a solid community with our collectors/buyers. We want to work with you to change the narrative for Creatives from Africa while building a brand that outlives this generation. Will you join us on this mission?

I’ve practised art for more than 10 years and haven’t sold anything besides just a few commissions from family members. I gave up last week. I’m now looking for a different career.

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Together we can change the narrative.

Not just for this generation but for many generations of African Creatives to come. 

First 50 collectors who collect pieces above $1000 get:


25% split of our 2023 revenue

Our win is your win. This is our way of appreciating your for supporting our Creatives and believing in our brand.


Personalised Message from Founder & CEO

Our first 50 collectors are our partners. Our Founder & CEO will send a personalised thank-you & welcome message to you. 


Free Utility-Based Brand NFT 

You will receive a link via email to mint our brand NFT during our event for African Creatives in July. Utility will be revealed at the event.



Unlock access to attend all events we host as a business for free! You are our VIP collector and we will always treat you as such!

Message from the Founder

I deeply appreciate your interest in supporting Creatives from Africa by joining our collector community.

I grew up desiring to become a visual artist but that dream never materialised because I was discouraged by how difficult it is for artists, and Creatives in general, to earn a sustainable income.

Today, I am keen on doing my part to change the story for the present and future generations of Creatives from Africa.

We will continue to work hard at Creatives Auction until we touch the lives of thousands of African Creatives positively!

Got questions? Feel free to send an email to and I’ll be sure to respond!

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