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What is Creatives Auction and how does it work?

Creatives Auction is a first-of-its-kind online auction platform created by an African for Creatives in Africa. The idea behind it is to share African Arts, Crafts and Fashion with the world while keeping the spotlight on the Creative behind each work, giving them the opportunity to shine while making money from their creations.

For buyers/collectors, we have made the platform as straightforward as possible, allowing you to bid on works that you love (Auctions), or buy directly from our store (Buy Now)

Where is Creatives Auction located

Operating from, Abuja, Nigeria, Creatives Auction is primarily an online platform with the aim of keeping operations digital as much as possible.

How do you ensure artwork being listed is original/authentic?

All artworks listed on our platform are listed directly by their owners who are thoroughly vetted before having their profiles added to the site. They are also hand-signed by the artist. Creatives Auction provides a signed Certificate of Authenticity to all buyers/collectors once a piece of work is bought.

For other kinds of work such as crafts and fashion items, we work directly with the creators of each work to ensure we are only listing authentic items on the platform.

What countries does Creatives Auction ship to?

Working with our creatives, Creatives Auction is able to ship to all countries using DHL & UPS as our primary shipping partners. We currently use a flat rate for shipping to specific countries. If you would like to arrange for a different shipping method, you can contact us at [email protected].

Do you have a return/refunds policy?
Yes, we do. You can view the policy here.
Can I pay in any currency?

By default, all work on our website is listed in USD to accommodate buyers from all over the world. However, if you are buying from Nigeria, you are able to pay the naira equivalent using your naira debit card through Paystack. Buyers from other countries can use their Paypal account linked to their local credit card to pay.

Nigerian Art - Creatives Auction

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