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Scouting for Creative Talent across Rural Communities in Nigeria

As a company focused on spotlighting African Creatives from a diversity of backgrounds, we are launching a new initiative – Spotlighting Rural Creative Talent (SRCT) – to help us find fresh Creative talent within rural communities in Nigeria and empower them with exposure, education and the tools they need to compete globally. This initiative will be spearheaded by our Community Manager, Olaloye Bunmi, who has played in the African Creative space for more than 5 years and is deeply passionate about the project.

Our goal is to dedicate 1% of the profit from each work that sells on our platform to scout for at least 1 new Creative each month (with a focus on female Creatives), sharing their in-depth stories with the world and helping to change their reality one day at a time through the project. We will share videos and blogs about each discovered Creative and post regular updates on their stories across our social platforms. The more artworks that we are able to sell each month, the more empowered we are to scout for even more Creatives and impact more lives!

We also believe in collaboration

We hope you will join us on this exciting mission of ours!

We believe that by giving opportunities to Creatives across interior parts of Nigeria (Africa ultimately), we can change the world in our own little way. We will acknowledge every buyer/collector who purchases artwork on our platform each month within our communication materials as our little way of saying thank you.

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