Babatunde Tribe_African Artist

Babatunde Tribe, b. 2001 (Nigeria)

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Babatunde‘s Biography

Babatunde Tribe is a self-taught multi-disciplinary queer nonbinary artist from Lagos, Nigeria, who seeks to evoke emotions, feelings, and questions from viewers through their work, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and trauma.

They use colors, texture, strokes, drawing, and storytelling to place viewers in their precious time in history. Their journey into the art world began as a means of coping with mental health struggles, and through experimentation with various mediums, they found solace in the process of creating.

Today, their thought-provoking pieces continue to captivate audiences and serve as a testament to the healing power of art. They invite viewers to contemplate the complexities of the human experience. 

“Just Be” at 3rd eyearts group exhibition, Lagos, Nigeria. (2022)

“ Art exhibition showcase – Lit fest”, Didi Museum, Lagos, Nigeria. (2022)

“11 : 11 PAINTRATION ( art challenge)”, 3rdeyeart, Lagos, Nigeria. ( AWARDED WINNER OF THE ART CHALLENGE)

“Void- perfect, imperfection” – live painting , Queercity media (2023) – Lagos, Nigeria.

“Untitled Emotions” , Haus II gallery, Lagos, Nigeria. (2023)

“ Escape In/out”,follow art, Milan / Italy. (2023)

Artist Statement: Many times, art somehow seems to be the letters to my sentences. For me, harmony in color, texture, and strokes aids my search and navigation of life. 

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