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Lidiya Zelke, b. 1996 (Ethiopia)

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Lidiya‘s Biography

Lidiya Zelke is a multi-disciplinary artist from Addis Ababa Ethiopia who has worked as a Graphics Designer and Civil Engineer at various organisations.

Her artworks usually tell stories of inner feelings and how they reveal and create layers of ourselves; every excitement, sense of anticipation, loneliness etc and how it cracks and polishes us through the journey of life by changing us irreversibly without our sensing it.

Lidiya has participated in different local and international exhibitions including

– Heylayer’s SatoSHE and HER NFT Project as one of the 20 selected artists from all over the world

–  KIPAYA (What’s new) Exhibition prepared by FORMAT Festivals (selected as one of the five artists from Africa to participate)

– FOTEA-New Art City, Tropical Exhibition curated by De-curated gallery, participating in the 5th Pasa festival

– And currently participating in the African Metaverse Exhibition and

Her works have been published in various magazines such as Fèroce Magazine Uk, En Vie Magazine, Postscript Magazine, Espacio Fronterizo Borderland Magazine, Vagus Magazine and Picton Magazine including the Vogue Italy’s website page.

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