Sophia Chioma Azoige

Sophia Azoige, b. 1997 (Nigeria)

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Sophia’s Biography

Sophia was born twenty-four years ago in Ikom and grew up in Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria. She completed her secondary education in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and is currently studying Art in the University.

Having participated in several exhibitions, she had her first solo exhibition in 2020. Art has broadened her vision and sense of appreciation for nature. It started as something she did in her free time until every finished piece became a motivation for the next.

She is inspired by the beauties of human existence alongside her childhood experiences, with the use of loosely detailed human form and cut out fabrics. She is preserved with her newfound love, determined to overcome all obstacles in her quest to understand and master her art.

Her artworks arrest both trained and untrained artistic sensibilities and possess the timeless qualities of balance, strengthening originality to endure the harsh scrutiny of the ages.

Her mission and her messages appear to be one as though through her paintings, she attempts to translate beauty and calmness to a broad spectrum of people.

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