Victor Oniosun

Victoria Erioluwa Oniosun, b. 1998 (Nigeria)

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Victoria’s Biography

Victoria Erioluwa expresses her work in an impressionistic style. Drawing elements from both historical and contemporary painting techniques, she puts together a composition of work to tell a story about her recurring experiences and observation of general lifestyles. She explores a new way of boldly applying flat, unblended layers of color with a minimal depiction of a full three-dimensional form. This current approach creates an illusion of little depth, rather than the use of perspective and other visual characteristics to indicate depth in space.

The customary term for her painting application is “broken color,” a technique that was developed by impressionists during the 19th century where short strokes are layered to depict light, shade, and contrast. In adopting this style, Victoria employs the use of acrylic and oil colors, which are her primary mediums, laying each stroke to show value, color, dimension, form, and light. She uses earth tones in conjunction with a palette of primary and secondary colors, tinted reds, yellows, blues, greens, and other hues. The shapes and objects in her paintings are roughly blocked in mid-tones, resulting in a mass of monochrome. Her forms are further defined with either solid paint or scumbles, and thickly applied in layers of opaque pigment, imparting a variety of pictorial effects. Layers of color glaze are visible in her finishing to present radiance, depth, and brilliance to the forms, with highlights defined by impasto patches.

Victoria’s prime exposure to art began during her secondary school days and later progressed to studying fine art at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in 2022. Her works show a remarkable level of artistic expression and have been presented in several exhibitions, both physically and virtually. Some of the shows include; Infectivity Art Exhibition, Nigeria, 2019 and 2021; End of the Year Virtual Exhibition, Kuta, Nigeria, 2020; Art in Medicine Fellowship Art Exhibition (Online Exhibition), 2020; Mambila Art (Online Exhibition), 2021; and End of the World After Party Art Exhibition, WAV Gallery, California, 2021. Her initial and current work styles were both displayed in these exhibitions, revealing her practical journey of artistic expression.

Her work statement is drawn from both personal occurrences and other people’s stories, expressing the private and social lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between the female gender. In her resolve, she asserts that art is a means of expression and storytelling. She has been influenced by women and the problems they face. Most of the time, she gets ideas from her own life and how she is feeling at the time of creation.

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