Wahab Aromire

Wahab Aromire, b. 1977 (Nigeria)

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Wahab’s Biography

Wahab Aromire, born July 6, 1977, hails from Lagos State, Nigeria. He studied Art and Industrial Design at the Lagos State Polytechnic and graduated as the overall best student in his set back in 2012.

He has exhibited extensively within Nigeria and abroad, and his works can be found among notable collections all over the world. Wahab is a member of the Universal Studios of Art, the Society of Nigerian Artists, (SNA), and serves as a mentor at UR4Africa.

He is highly passionate about painting and sculpture. Through full-time studio practices, he works with different mediums like pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink wash, mosaic, fibreglass, wood & metal.

He is prolific and has experimented with many materials. His career as a sculptor is in the foreground of his practice. Aromire’s works are full of energy and they possess a very strong visual impact. His paintings carry layers of embedded meanings and a part of their enjoyment is the challenge faced unravelling them.

Artist’s Statement
Art is the formidable force and source of life that connects the spirit, soul and body.

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