July 2024 Grants, Residencies & Open Calls for African Visual Artists

Jun 28, 2024

We’ve rounded up the best free-to-apply July 2024 opportunities for African artists!

Go ahead and dive in and get to sending out those applications!

To support your efforts, we have also put out a free guide titled “Winning Artist Opportunities: How to Answer 5 Frequently Asked Grant & Residency Application Questions” that breaks down how to practically answer grant & residency questions with several examples.

Interested? You can get the free guide here.


Moving Narratives Cycle 2

Are you an artist or cultural practitioner recentring marginalised histories or challenging contemporary narratives? Then we invite you to apply for Cycle 2 of Moving Narratives: a multi-disciplinary programme, which supports artists to explore and strengthen creative practices that reconsider historical legacies and explore emancipatory movements. 

Dominant discourses and one-sided worldviews influence the organisation of society, politics, and individual life. This can lead to the exclusion of diverse experiences and perspectives, denying space for critical voices and sustaining social inequalities. Creative practices can play a crucial role in challenging the status quo and recentring marginalised narratives. By working with nuanced perspectives that show social and political complexities, artists have the power to expand our understanding of the past and reimagine our visions of the future.

Additionally, each participant receives an award of €10,000 to work on the project or body of work outlined in their application. While the grant is not limited to a strict project plan or budget, the participant’s proposed project is used as a baseline for the programme and informs the sessions with the mentors.     


€10,000 award

Deadline: July 16, 2024

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this award and apply here

Art for Change Prize 2024

Open to emerging artists worldwide in the first five years of active practice.

This year’s prize asks artists to creatively respond to the theme ‘Tomorrow’ing: Visions of a better future’.

A total prize fund of £20,000 will be split between six winners, five to receive £2,000 and one overall winner to receive £10,000. Winning artists will exhibit their work at Saatchi Gallery in London.

As part of a shared mission in making art, culture, and creativity accessible to everyone, this prize is a celebration of emerging artistic talent. It will highlight and stimulate dialogue around visual arts as a medium for positive global and social change and give exposure to emerging artists worldwide.


£20,000 will be split between 6 winners

1 overall winner will receive £10,000 while 5 runner ups will receive £2,000 each

Deadline: July 17, 2024

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this prize and apply here

The Homiens Art Prize

The Homiens Art Prize is an international, non-acquisitive art prize open to all artists and art forms. The Prize is free to enter.

We celebrate our chosen artists across our media, exhibiting their art online where it is viewed by artists and collectors in the United States and throughout the world.

Homiens sponsors a platform for artists to network and collaborate, reach a global audience of buyers and collectors, gain institutional validation, and locate international professional opportunities.

Each round 6 Winning artists are exhibited by Homiens, receive an unrestricted cash award of $500, are published in our exhibition catalog, receive an optional interview, feature in our prestigious annual publication The Homiens 60, and may request a letter of recommendation from our Jurors.

12 additional Finalists per round exhibit with Homiens and are published in our exhibition catalog. Up to 200 artists are Highly Commended and celebrated across our media. All entrants are considered for exhibition.


$24,000 Awarded Annually

Deadline: July 31, 2024

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this prize and apply here

Prix Art & Environment Prize 2024

With the Prix Art & Environnement 2024, Lee Ufan Arles and Guerlain wish to develop a creative space enabling conceptual, semantic and aesthetic bridges between the work of young designers and that of Lee Ufan. The Prize is therefore sensitive to strong projects proposing a new vision of our relationship with modernity, as well as to works with long temporalities and in relation to nature, the environment and materials.

Once the prize has been won, the winner will benefit from a six- to eight-week support program at the beginning of 2025, with a production space and accommodation in the heart of Arles. This “time-space” enables them to carry out their artistic project, but also to meet the people and institutions relevant to its implementation: artists, professionals from the art world and local players, as well as the general public. A member of the Lee Ufan Arles team is assigned to support the prize-winner’s artistic project, through meetings with international and local artists, curators and other players.

The residency is followed by a summer exhibition of the artist’s work in one of the Lee Ufan Arles spaces.



Deadline: July 30, 2024

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this prize and apply here


Heather Farm Park Public Art Project Request for Qualifications

The City of Walnut Creek, CA is seeking professional artists and/or artist teams to submit qualifications to create significant, site-specific public artwork(s) as part of the new Heather Farm Park Aquatic and Community Center located at 301 N San Carlos Dr in Walnut Creek.

Project construction will begin in 2025 and associated public art should adhere to the City’s public art mission statement, found in the Public Art Master Plan, to “integrate art into the City’s everyday environment and build a dynamic, exciting, and engaging place to live, visit and do business. Through public art, the City’s program aims to make our public spaces more welcoming and to create a dialogue between artists and the community that honors our ideals, history, and shared values.”

Deadline: July 11, 2024

Application Fee: Free to apply


    1. one design for a major artwork that would utilize the total project budget of $953,500, or
    2. a design for two smaller projects, utilizing a total combined budget of $200,000 or less, or
    3. a design for one smaller project, utilizing a total budget of $100,00 or less, or
    4. a design for one large project, and two smaller satellite projects that would be placed at different locations within the park, or near or inside the new building and utilize the full $953,500 budget.

You can learn more about this open call and apply here

“Emerging Artists” – Free Entry, $1,000 Award Competition

Open to all artists, world-wide.

All mediums and styles are acceptable.

(2-d and 3-d media, currently not accepting video submissions, work must be documented and submitted in jpg/jpeg form).

Work submitted to this competition must pertain to the theme of “Emerging Artists”; works in all styles, media, and subjects are acceptable.

Deadline: July 16, 2024

Award Info:

First Place Award | $300-$1,000

Second Place Award | $100-200

Third Place Award | $50-$100

Honorable Mention Award(s)

Opportunity for Solo Feature and Interview

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this competition and apply here

Pigeon Magazine Issue No. 1 “Los Angeles”

For our first issue, we aim to dive into this city of the high-class and of the underground voices that mean the most. What makes it tick and what makes it a home to some of the greatest artists in modern history. Surely there are many stories to be told and shared from the road, that one fateful night at the lounge, bar, or maybe even one of those life changing bridge shows (iykyk).

As the road before us all changes and twists with the introductions of new technology and ways of creating, we’re searching for stories of how it all gets made, what’s your inspiration and driving factor, how many touring road trips did it take to get your latest song or album just right, any crazy nights on tour, or maybe you just sat in the corner drinking seltzer watching it all unfold. Let’s hear about those uncanny, serendipitous, or uniquely challenging times.

As anxious as a pigeon dive bombing the park for that last bread crumb we can’t wait to hear from you all and catch you at the next show.

Eligibility: All projects that are lens based are eligible (photography, video, installation, mixed media)

Deadline: July 21, 2024

Benefit: Work Featured in Magazine

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this open call and apply here

Feature Your Work in UPenn’s Journal of Arts and Sciences

Selected artists and writers will have their work featured in the Summer 2024 issue of PJAS, reaching a global audience of scholars, artists, and enthusiasts. Additionally, they will receive a certificate of recognition and a spotlight feature on our website and social media channels. Select artists will be featured on our magazine cover.

Deadline: July 1, 2024

Award Info: Work featured in UPenn’s Journal of Arts and Sciences

Application Fee: There’s an optional fee but you can choose not to pay and apply for free

You can learn more about this open call and apply here


2025 Taiwan Ceramics Residency Program

Yingge, situated southwest of the Taipei Basin, began its ceramic industry in 1804, leveraging its abundant clay and minerals.

Over two centuries, it has grown into Taiwan’s foremost ceramic city, boasting a rich ceramic culture and technology heritage.

Since 2010, the Yingge Ceramics Museum has spearheaded the Taiwan Ceramics Residency Program to preserve Yingge’s cultural legacy and inject fresh energy into the city.

Providing artists with space, equipment, and technical support, the program encourages local and international creators to deeply engage with Yingge, fostering community exchanges and positioning Yingge as a global ceramic art practice hub.

Deadline: July 31, 2024

Stipend:  Travel, accommodation and material costs are covered

Application Fee: Free to apply

You can learn more about this residency and apply here

We’re always rooting for your success and we hope you take a bet on yourself and apply to these opportunities!

As always, we’d appreciate if you shared this post with your friends who may also find value in applying!

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