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About Us

Creatives Auction was founded in 2022 out of a deep desire to see African Creatives (Visual Artists) thrive and increase their contribution to the global creative economy. Africa currently contributes less than 1% to a $4.2 trillion global creative economy which clearly signals a huge untapped potential.

However, across the continent, many Creatives are viewed as mere hobbyists and lack the support to build sustainable careers out of their creativity. We want to change this narrative and pave the way for future generations of Creatives to succeed in the creative space like their counterparts in other sectors of the economy. We are doing this through our newly launched “African Art for Change” quarterly campaigns & limited edition art prints box, our writing service offerings to artists, as well as our marketplace.

Our Mission

At Creatives Auction, our mission is 3-fold-

✓ to help African Visual Artists professionalize their careers for sustainability

✓ to amplify their direct contributions to social and environmental issues

✓ to make their work easily accessible to art & culture enthusiasts, buyers & collectors across the world.

We believe that art has the power to transform society in many positive ways and we are keen on better positioning African Visual Artists as key players in societal conversations to increase appreciation of their work both at home and abroad.

Our Creatives

We strive to work with emerging, mid-career and established African creatives who create meaningful art pieces that address socio-cultural, political and environmental issues in unique ways.

On our marketplace, we feature a mix of emerging to mid-career African artists and our goal is to continue to discover and share fresh talent. We are currently working on expanding the marketplace within the next 1 year to feature more contemporary African painters, photographers and craftmarkers.

For our African Art for Change initiative, we will be working with emerging to established artists to create the limited-edition artwork prints that will go out with each quarter’s box. It’s a great way to collect meaningful pieces from already popular artists while discovering other emerging talented African artists.

Our Team

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” 

Ryunosuke Satoro

Priscilla Asonibare

Priscilla Asonibare

Founder & CEO

Priscilla Asonibare

Olaloye Bunmi

Community Manager

Priscilla Asonibare

Amarachi Thompson

Communications & Marketing Asst.

Priscilla Asonibare

Babatunde Omotehinse

Partnerships Manager

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