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Adebayo Taiwo, b. 2003 (Nigeria)

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Adebayo‘s Biography

Adebayo Taiwo is a Nigerian contemporary artist born on the 5th of July, 2003, in Kwara state, Nigeria. He is a full-time self-thought visual artist.

He first started to create his works of art on cardboard and paper using graphite and charcoal pencil before he felt inspired by the idea of using charcoal and acrylic paints on canvas. He now uses the latter as a medium to let out passion into the universe by creating figures and conceptual portraiture via mixed media paintings.

Adebayo’s works explore a mental picture of African endowment by working with a charcoal pencil to create dark-skinned portraiture. The vertical strokes in the background of his artworks illustrate the uprightness and the courage of the black and brown or whatsoever complexity that is being created with a special endowment by God.

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