Babatunde Pelumi Omotehinse_African Artist

Babatunde Omotehinse, b. 2000 (Nigeria)

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Babatunde’s Biography

Born in Ondo state, Nigeria to the family of Mr and Mrs Ayodeji Omotehinse, Babatunde is the last of five children. He is currently studying Fine Art at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and is in his final year.

Babatunde is a creative and innovative artist, who thrives excellently amidst his pairs, making waves with his dexterity in art. He choose art as a career in 2017 having been inspired by Kalejaiye Oluwatosin, Tunde Arts, Arinze amongst many other prominent successful artists. This inspiration further drove him to seek a footing in the art world where his impact would be felt in years to come. Babatunde, also known as Bobpsmart, loves to explore expressions, figurative ideas, sociocultural discussions, philosophical, and psychological topics in his painting while directing his focus on humanity and
how to live a better and sane life.

At the early age of 20, Babatunde came 3rd place in Felabration (the 2020 edition) and has been classified among the top gradually emerging artists of this era. He has participated in a variety of exhibitions and art contests since then such as the Art of God Exhibition, Trophy (NaWhostandbyme) Art Challenge amongst others. He is currently 22 years old and is set to amaze his audience with his newly found style of painting. This for him marks a new beginning in his art journey – a legacy that would be strongly reckoned with in recent years.

I express myself through oil or acrylic painting. I find it enjoyable to explore human emotions in a bid to better understand human relations and further use my art as a therapeutic approach toward a healthy lifestyle in our sociocultural community. This informs my style and genre of painting human portraits as a figurative language of communicating my innermost thoughts and ideologies.

In pursuit of something unique, I developed my new style –  Polygonism, a style inspired by stained glass art of the old catholic cathedrals. This style is an exploration of colours in a bid to capture the mood and ambience within emotions while relating and creating a synergy between my art and my audience. Purple, yellow & orange are the most prominent colours on my palette because they resonate with the energy of uniqueness, alacrity and freedom as well as royalty in nature. These colour choices also brighten the mood, serving as a soothing and therapeutic purpose for the audience.

In addition, yellow, orange and red in general African philosophy represent bright energy, youthfulness, strength and love, and purple represents royalty. Following this symbolic essence of colours, I create my art in a bid to remind my African audience what colour is beyond the visuals.

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