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Daniel Adeniyi, b. 1997 (Nigeria)

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Daniel‘s Biography

Daniel Adeniyi is a self-taught Pencil Artist with a profound passion for crafting pencil drawings on paper, drawing inspiration from a blend of life experiences, both past and present. His fascination with the ever-evolving human condition traces back to his teenage years. Through his artwork, he aims to offer viewers a glimpse into his personal journey, showcasing the belief that resilience can triumph over life’s challenges.

Specializing in the use of charcoal pencils and colored pencils, Daniel employs a diverse range of colors, including pastels and colored pencils, to breathe life into his creations. Hailing from the west side of Nigeria in Ekiti state, he grew up nurturing his artistic talents, aspiring to become a professional in his creative practice.

In 2020, he embarked on a journey to bring his creativity to the forefront, focusing on refining his skills with charcoal and pastels, experimenting with color mixing techniques. Notably, he participated in the “Life in my City Art Festival 2023,” themed “Fix it,” where he stood as one of the first five exhibiting artists. His featured piece, titled “LEAP,” was a mixed media drawing that captured the essence of the event. The exhibition took place on August 1, 2023, at Adeyemi College of Education in Ondo state.

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