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Oluwaseyi Olaide, b. 1984 (Nigeria)

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Oluwaseyi‘s Biography

Oluwaseyi Olaide James is a dynamic multimedia visual artist based in Lagos. Born in Lagos, he has always been passionate about drawings, paintings, and mixed media art and crafts.

Oluwaseyi earned a Higher National Diploma in Art & Industrial Design from Lagos State University of Science and Technology in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, graduating in the 2013 set with a major in Painting. In 2019, he also received certification in Art Education.

His artistic journey has led him to participate in numerous group exhibitions, and his works can be found in several private collections. Oluwaseyi’s artistic range spans from experimental and representational to abstraction, as he seamlessly navigates among these diverse styles.

Utilizing acrylics and mixed media, Oluwaseyi employs a captivating technique of layering pigments to create rich textured painting effects that exude energy, establishing him as an extraordinary visual artist.

Currently, he operates his personal art studio where he mentors and inspires young talented individuals. Oluwaseyi also serves as a creative consultant in various academic and learning environments, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to society.

His works explore profound connections, depicting strong affectionate relationships between humans and their environment, as well as humans and pets, dolls, and teddy bears. These themes are expressed through landscaping, figurative art, and abstract expressionism.

Oluwaseyi’s artworks have been featured both online and at physical galleries and exhibitions, including notable venues such as Mydrim Gallery, Terraculture Gallery, Nike Art Gallery, Eko Art Expo 2016 (Lagos at 50 Art Exhibition), Alexis Art Gallery, among others.

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