Raymond Wright

Raymond Wright, b. 1997 (Nigeria)

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Raymond’s Biography

Raymond Wright is an African Visual Artist who was born in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria on the 6th of July, 1997. He studied art at Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, Nigeria and holds a National Diploma in painting and General Art(2016). He also studied painting and industrial Designs at Jonix Studios under the tutelage of Jonathan Ikpoza.

He works with various mediums and is able to express himself with acrylic, oil, pastel and charcoal on boards, canvas and paper. He believes art is a unique experience. It revolves around the life of the artists and the environment.

Raymond’s inspiration comes from his environment. He uses recyclable materials such as polythene bags in addition to colours that have helped evolve his art, allowing him to create something from nothing on the canvas. He has also gained inspiration from the impressionist technique of painting.

Illumination II
Illumination III

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