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Stephen Oni, b. 1985 (Nigeria)

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Stephen‘s Biography

Stephen Oni is a highly accomplished artist specializing in painting. His art resonates with the soul, captivating critical imagination and emotions. Using acrylic, oil paints, and mixed media techniques, he applies brush strokes, impasto effects, and vibrant colors to skillfully craft his subject matter on blank canvas panels.

His conceptualizations explore human figures, environments, and societal issues. A glance at his renditions immerses art enthusiasts in the freshness and rich bliss conveyed through his artistic expression. As an experimental artist, Oni’s style seamlessly spans between realism and abstraction.

An internationally acclaimed artist, Oni has received prestigious awards, including the United Nations MDGs Art Award and a Painting medal from Catirina de Medici. His work has been featured in numerous art workshops, competitions, and exhibitions worldwide. Notable appearances include the UNESCO African Week Exhibition in France, Painting Colour Exhibition at Bougie Art Gallery in Canada, Artworksrva in the U.S.A., Motherdrumhaf Show in the U.S.A., Brush Carmen Art Expo in Mexico, Sportlight Art Collective in India, and the Arthity Exhibition in Nepal, where he was selected among other international artists.

Oni has also contributed to significant exhibitions such as the Black Heritage group at Nike Art Gallery, Lagos, and the Ibadan Affordable Art Fair. His work was showcased in the Legendary Art Exhibition at CBCIU Osogbo, among other notable events.

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