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Waheed Ariyo Ishola, b.1993 (Nigeria)

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Waheed’s Biography

Born on December 31st, 1993, Waheed Ariyo Ishola is a native of Oyo  State, Nigeria who has been creating art pieces right from his childhood. He was influenced by his mother who is a creative textile artist working in Oyo State. He decided to pursue a career in art and received tutoring from living masters of the field at the Universal Studios of Art, National Theatre, Lagos, Nigeria.

Waheed is focused on studying the creative movement in contemporary sculpture by manipulating naturalistic forms in a creative manner. He says merging the ideas of flexibility and twisting shapes define the realm in which he possesses his creative abilities. Proper observation of geometric rules and extracting creative shapes from naturalistic forms are what resulted in the self-study he calls  “Extracted form”.

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