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Yiga Joshua, b. 1997 (Uganda)

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Yiga‘s Biography

Yiga Joshua, born in 1997 in Kampala, is a visual artist known for his focus on painting and sculpture, with a current emphasis on Uganda’s traditional dolls called “ddole yebyayi” (banana fiber dolls).

In his latest body of work, Joshua brings these dolls to life on canvas, creating a connection between human experiences and inanimate objects.

Inspired by his childhood memories, he animates popular children’s toys, highlighting their significance in fostering creativity and cognitive skills during childhood development.

The dolls take centre stage in both his canvas paintings and installations, serving as a representation of parenthood, childhood, and the boundless imagination within the human spirit.

According to Yiga, these dolls were instrumental in his upbringing, as his parents used them to bring their children to life through imaginative play.

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