Fumilayo Tejumola - African visual artist, African art

Zineb Kabbaj, b. 1994 (Morocco)

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Zineb‘s Biography

Fascinated by art since her childhood, Zineb quickly saw it as a universal way of expression and a link between countries and cultures.

Her former travels in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa enhanced her passion for discovering more about the natural beauty of the world and people’s cultures with their singularities as well as universal common points.

Zineb’s art aims to open up the eyes of people to encourage them to seize each opportunity to see beauty everywhere – from an art piece to a sunset and in every person, no matter the differences.

Zineb is currently completing an art degree at La Sorbonne, Paris and has had the opportunity to participate in some exhibitions including:

  • – Boomer Gallery in London, January 2023,
  • – Delta Festival in Marseille, June 2022 and
  • – Attention Talents in Paris, May 2022

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