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Zorbari Dinee-Laago, b. 1995 (Nigeria)

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Zorbari‘s Biography

Zorbari Dinee-laago was born in Bori, Rivers State, Nigeria. She received her Bachelor degree from Delta State University, Abraka in 2018 with a focus on ceramics, sculpture and textile.

Zorbari has explored different avenues in her art practice over the years and began to make ceramic sculptures when she started her first year in the University. She has been at it till date.

Zorbari searches for ways to engage viewers through her art. She is inspired by nature and human form and finding new ways to represent it. She begins her process by sketching ideas on paper, using the ones that excite her as the inspiration for her hand-built ceramics sculptures.

Zorbari has exhibited her works alongside other artists around some parts of Nigeria over the years and has recently exhibited at Ibom International Arts and Book Festival, Uyo, in July 2022. She is currently exhibiting at the “Life In My City Art Festival” in Nigeria.

Artist Statement:
Some work calls for a pen and a pad of paper and some calls for power tools and eye protection. Some work calls for great focus and precision and some calls for chance and spontaneity. Each material exists as what it is before I manipulate it and transform it into Art, which means each has a value that I have to cater to.

This practice of exploring various mediums leads me to understand the potential of each material, like the malleability of clay. The greatest influences of all are dexterity and aesthetics. I make art because my hands are able and my mind is excited. My process is thoughtful and international often requiring time and patience.

I make ceramic sculptures in unfamiliar circumstances, in situations that are peculiar and out of the ordinary. Setting the familiar in unfamiliar positions creates an imagery of something unique and engaging. I explore the idea of having the figure emerge or come forth from the form, evoking a sense of physical action and motion.

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