The Importance of Visual Artists and Their Art in the Society

Jul 28, 2022

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’s sculpture dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Transatlantic slave trade on display in Montgomery, Alabama. Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The art world has always been an important part of society. It’s not just about the work that great artists create, but also their influence on people’s lives and how they change people’s perspectives.

The visual arts are a way to explore feelings and emotions through different mediums such as painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. They can also be interpreted in more than one way depending on who is viewing them.

Visual artists are an integral part of our society. We live in a world where we see, read, and hear about people and events that impact us all the time. These are things that can’t be captured by words alone. 

This article explores the ways in which visual artists help us understand the world around us and why their role in society is crucial.

Visual artists have been influential in documenting events and historical occurrences.

This is especially true of visual artists who create art with a purpose, such as creating an accurate representation of the subject matter.

For example, if you were asked to paint a portrait of your grandmother, you would most likely choose to draw her as an old woman with grey hair and wrinkles on her face, only able to depict what she looks like now rather than how she looked when she was much younger.

Visual artists can also be used by governments or organizations to make important decisions about what should be shown in public spaces (such as museums).

For example, if there was an exhibition at a museum that showed only paintings of people from a particular ethnicity; this might not be representative of all people who will visit said museum. Visual artists can be engaged to create more artwork that shows cultural diversity to better represent all visitors to the museum.

There are so many other examples of visual artists being instrumental in documenting events and historical occurrences.

One example of this is the work done by painter Pablo Picasso during World War I: he created a series entitled Guernica, which depicts various scenes from that conflict.

Another example would be the work on display at Louvre Paris such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s Pietà – both pieces were instrumental in helping people understand how these events happened through their realistic depictions.


Michelangelo’s Pietà. Photo: Art In Context

It is important to preserve the cultural identities of different communities, and visual art makes this possible.

Visual art is a great way to preserve the cultural identities of different communities.

It can also be used to communicate ideas and values, which is especially important when it comes to preserving history and telling stories about your people.

Visual artists are responsible for preserving the diversity of cultures through their work.

They show how different groups have lived in different areas, what they ate, where they went on vacation etc., all through visual representations of these aspects in their artwork.

Visual art helps in teaching and passing on values.

Visual art is a great way to teach values to children. This can be done through the use of visual images and symbols, which are easily understood by young minds.

Visual art also helps in passing on values from generation to generation. The paintings, sculptures and other forms of artwork serve as reminders of what we have gone through so that we may never forget our heritage and culture; they also remind us of how far we have come as a society since then!

African Culture Depicted Through Art

Women of the Igbo Tribe of Nigeria depicted through art. Photo: Experiencing Naija

Visual art can help people deal with emotions and personal problems.

Visual art is a way to express emotions, and it’s also a way for artists to express their own feelings.

The beauty of visual art lies in its ability to communicate different kinds of information without words—and this makes it especially effective for those who struggle with depression or anxiety disorders because they don’t always feel comfortable talking about how they feel inside their heads or hearts (or even writing them down).

Visual artists are trained professionals who know how important it is for us all—whether we’re happy or sad—to be able to express how we feel. They are able to help achieve this through their art pieces that speak to diverse emotions and issues.

This ensures that these difficult emotions and problems can be expressed as opposed to keeping everything bottled up inside ourselves forever!


Visual art is an integral part of society that should be preserved at all costs.

It allows us to capture and preserve memories, express ourselves, understand the world around us and even connect with others.

Visual art has been around since time immemorial; it can be seen in caves or rock paintings from prehistoric times.

Art has been used as a tool for self-expression since ancient times: Egyptians created hieroglyphics on walls; the Chinese painted their pottery; Greeks painted frescoes on ceilings; Romans decorated statues with gold leaf or marble; Renaissance artists created portraits by painting on canvas or panelling; Impressionists experimented with light by exposing paint suspended in oil mediums onto canvases (oil painting) or paper (watercolor).

In modern times abstract expressionism has also become popular because it allows artists to express their emotions using shapes rather than colours alone.

Visual artists are important because they bring colour and life into otherwise dull or grey areas.

They can make you smile, laugh, or cry depending on how they present their work.

Their ability to paint a picture of the rain without going anywhere near an actual rainstorm or show up with a blank canvas that has nothing but white space on it yet still manage to create something inspiring and beautiful out of that blank canvas just by using their imagination should forever be applauded!

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