15 Contemporary Art Trends To Expect in 2024

Jan 29, 2024

As we fully immerse ourselves in 2024 and all that it has in store for the visual art scene, an important question on the minds of many art lovers, collectors and visual artists alike is “What is going to trend in 2024?

We have gathered predictions from reliable sources and leaders in the global art industry such as Artsy, Art Basel, Artnet and Artsper to put this article together.

For collectors, insights on trends can help you decide what art you should add to your collection and hold on to for some time.

For visual artists, you can know exactly what the market is after and can create pieces that are relevant to the times and more than likely to get you those sales that you yearn for in 2024.

And for the general art lover, well now you’d know what’s hot and what’s not as you think of home or office decor, gifts for your loved ones etc.

So, let’s get into the biggest trends that will rock the art world in this year, shall we?

More Environmentally Sustainable Art

In 2024, the art world is going green! Sustainability is the name of the game.

We’re set to see more and more artists shift towards ethical practices in their work, mirroring a collective commitment to addressing pressing environmental concerns by leveraging the arts.

The incorporation of natural materials such as wood and textiles, as well as recycled materials into their pieces will become commonplace serving us artworks that are not just easy on the eyes but also on our planet.

Some African artists who are already setting the pace for sustainable art include El Anatsui, Ifeoma Anyaeji, Chibuike Ifedilichukwu, Yusuf Grillo, Ghada Amer, Ibrahim Afegbua and Romuald Hazoumè.


Ibrahim Afegbua’s Irun Kiko, 2022 artwork made from Annealed Wire & Metal Objects. Dimension: 92 × 122 cm. Available for purchase on our marketplace

Paintings Dominate Art Collections

This may not exactly be a shocker, but paintings are predicted to take centre stage in many collections across the world.

They continue to be the most sought-after form of artwork, followed closely by sculptures and works on paper.


A 2023 acrylic on canvas painting by Tevin Ngunjiri. Title: Persistence. Dimension: 30 × 40 cm. Available for purchase on our marketplace

Color Over Neutrals

Once upon a time, neutrals were all the rage. But it looks like in 2024, many will be embracing vibrant and bold art that makes for unique statement pieces for their collections.

Artists will use color more intentionally and expressively to evoke energetic emotions in viewers and add a beautiful pop of vibrancy to spaces.

According to Nuria Madrenas, founder of the female-led art collective Tacit, “62 per cent of collectors are purchasing bold, colourful, eclectic artworks in 2024.”

African Culture Depicted Through Art

A colorful 2021 painting by Sharon Alinda. Title: Persistence. Medium: Water Colour, Guache, Acrylic on Paper. Dimension: 30 × 40 cm. Available for purchase on our marketplace

The Smaller The Artwork, The Better

In this age of compact living where many are settling into homes with limited space, smaller art pieces will begin to become the preference for the majority of art collectors.

The prioritization of these pieces is not merely a response to spatial constraints but is also a strategic way to invite emerging collectors to dip their toes into the immersive waters of art collecting.

And smaller by no means implies less impactful; it just means that art becomes a companion – a conversation starter that more seamlessly fits into our daily lives.

Geometric Shapes & Pattern in Art

Another cool thing to watch out for in 2024 is the fact that more artists will get into the use of geometric shapes and patterns in their artwork.

You can expect to spot these shapes not just in paintings and sculptures but also in textiles and ceramics.

It’s all about keeping things sleek and modern. So, if you’re into that clean, sharp look, this trend is right up your alley!

Mixed Media Is On The Rise

Artists are going all out in 2024 and mixed media artwork is predicted to steal the show!

Madrenas revealed that mixed media is proving to be one of the most popular art styles on the rise after they saw a 200 per cent increase in the acquisition of mixed media artworks.

A well-balanced collection, she states, incorporates a spectrum of mediums, offering collectors a rich spectrum of visual experiences.

AMANDLA - African visual artist, African art

A 2018 Mixed media artwork by Gemini Vaghela. Title: In This Together. Dimension: 45 × 55 cm. Available for purchase on our marketplace

Andrew Edjobeguo- Walking on Air -African Sculptures for Sale

A 2022 Mixed media artwork by Benjamin Omoike.Title: Serenity. Dimension: 92 × 122 cm. Available for purchase on our marketplace

Less Collectors Will Sell Their Art Acquisitions

This year, there will be a notable shift in the collector’s mindset with a decline in their inclination to part ways with acquired artworks.

A survey by Art Basel and UBS reveals a drop from 39% in 2022 to 26% in 2024, as collectors anticipate an uptick in the value of their artistic investments.

This shift is not just a financial calculation but mirrors a steadfast confidence in the art market’s resilience.

According to the report, 77% of collectors express optimism about the art sector’s performance in the coming months.

So if you are a collector with some unique art pieces in your collection that you have been thinking of flipping, you might want to hold on to those treasures longer.

Political Themed Art Will Become Important

Art is expected to play a catalytic role in driving change in 2024.

We’d see an upward incline in the number of artists who are using their brushes to shout about things that matter, whether it’s inequality, climate change, freedom of expression, health-related matters, or the environment.

So if you’re an artist looking to put out artwork that truly speaks to causes and issues that people care about, you should consider staying up to date with current affairs by downloading trusted news apps on your mobile phone and setting up alert notifications that can help you stay in the know.

As a brand, we introduced the African Art for Change project in September 2023. This initiative harnesses the creativity of African artists to produce artwork addressing crucial societal issues for our unique Art Prints Subscription Box. To discover more and join the waitlist for our upcoming box, click here.

African Culture Depicted Through Art

Art for Change Initiative Art Prints Subscription Box. Photo: Creatives Auction

Increased Investment in Contemporary and Fine Art as an Asset

Economists are donning their art connoisseur hats, predicting a surge in spending on contemporary and fine art in 2024. 

British art from the 20th century is predicted to be one of the most sought-after investment assets.

Other art styles that are expected to flourish over the next couple of months as investment options include modernist landscapes influenced by Swedish styles, abstracts, still lifes, lithographs anf fabrics, along with pop art and minimalist Geometric art from the 1960s. 

Digital Art Continues to Gain Momentum

Digital art has already gained some serious steam over the last couple of years, despite a few setbacks in 2023, and this trend is expected to continue into 2024.

New technologies and the rise of AI as a creative companion have opened up doors for the advancement of digital art and we can expect to see new forms of digital creative expressions and new opportunities for digital artists to share their work and diversify their income.

Gallery Walls Will Still Be A Thing

Guess what, gallery walls are not extinct! In fact, they are evolving.

Forget the uniform frames you’re already used to seeing; we’re talking about a gallery wall that uniquely tells your story.

Modern gallery walls are becoming more and more like life-sized scrapbooks incorporating other elements such as record vinyl, porcelain plates, mirrors, clocks etc. in addition to art pieces.

So if you have previously written off creating a gallery wall because you thought that they are now out of fashion, you might want to give it a reconsideration.

African Culture Depicted Through Art

Modern Gallery Wall with various elements. Photo: Driven By Decor

More Communities Created By African Artist 

According to insights provided by Larry Ossei-Mensah (Independent Curator; Co-Founder, Artnoir, New York) to Artsy, African Artists are not only taking centre stage in the global art scene but are also creating spaces for themselves and their communities.

Artist-run initiatives are popping up like wildflowers, fostering creative expression and artistic development.

Some examples of these initiatives he sighted include; Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rock Residency, Yinka Shonibare’s Gas Foundation, Amoako Boafo’s Dot. Atelier Residency, Kaloki Nyamai’s Kamene Art Residency, and Ayana V. Jackson’s STILL Art Residency.

More Diversity in Artistic Expression

The art scene is evolving into a space that welcomes artists from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

This move toward inclusivity and diversity isn’t just a passing trend; it signifies a cultural shift towards a society that embraces pluralism and acceptance.

We can expect to see more artists question conventional narratives through their work in 2024 and expand the boundaries of contemporary art as we know it. Exciting times!

More Equitable Representation of Female Artists in the Art World

As we converse about levelling the playing field for everyone, the art world is stepping up its game in the gender equality arena.

More and more awesome female artists are getting the recognition they deserve, and we’re all about that balance!

In 2024, we can expect an even bigger spotlight on the talent of women artists. We will be putting talent over gender and ensuring that female artists are competing on an equal playing field as their male counterparts.

Hypersentimentalism Thrives

Brace yourself for some feels when it comes to art this year because “hypersentimentalism” is here to stay!

Coined by Artnet’s Kate Brown to reflect a new trend in the contemporary art scene where sensibility is beautifully woven into art pieces, depicting intimate, emotional scenes which are often a portrayal of an artist’s circle or community it’s not just an art style; it’s a whole vibe.

In a world dominated by digital interactions, hypersentimentalism is a breath of fresh air that celebrates real-life connections and personal moments through art.


And there you have it! The art scene in 2024 is shaping up to take us to new dimensions across the board.

Color, technology, sustainability, sentiments, diversity and politics are all coming to play in diverse ways to drive change and give more meaning to art.

What are your thoughts on these trends? Are there other trends you see happening in the contemporary art world in 2024? Share with us in the comments!

And if you’d like to shop for some trendy original artwork by artists from across Africa, check out our marketplace.


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