Creatives Auction Partners with Neem Foundation, Federal Ministry of Health, and MacArthur Foundation to Promote Mental Wellness Through Art

Nov 6, 2023

On October 28th, 2023, the Neem Foundation office in Abuja, Nigeria, became a hub of creativity, healing, and advocacy as Creatives Auction proudly collaborated with Neem Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Health, and the MacArthur Foundation to host the Art & Mind Art Exhibition.

The event was a powerful initiative aligned with this year’s World Mental Health Day theme: “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right.”

A diverse array of stakeholders gathered to immerse themselves in an experience that went beyond traditional exhibitions.

The Art & Mind event featured an Expressive Therapy Session, Relaxation & Mindfulness activities, an inspiring Art Exhibition, and the harmonious blend of Music & Networking.

Guests at the Art & Mind Exhibition. Image: Creatives Auction

Expressive Therapy in Session. Image: Creatives Auction

Briefing the Press About Our Mental Wellness Art Prints in Collaboration with 5 African Artists. Image: Creatives Auction

During the Press Briefing, esteemed speakers Dr. Tunde Ojo, National Coordinator of the Mental Health Programme at the Federal Ministry of Health; Chinyereugo Onyekwere, Clinical Psychologist from Neem Foundation; and Priscilla Asonibare, Founder & CEO of Creatives Auction, united in emphasizing the urgent need to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and embrace alternative healing therapies, particularly those rooted in the arts.

The occasion also served as a platform to showcase the impact of Creatives Auction’s newly launched “African Art for Change” project.

Attendees marveled at mental wellness-centered artworks created for our limited edition art prints box—a testament to the power of art as a catalyst for healing.

Mental Wellness Artworks for Our Art Prints Box on Exhibition. Image: Creatives Auction

Guests at the Art & Mind Exhibition. Image: Creatives Auction

With unwavering support from the Federal Ministry of Health and Neem Foundation, Creatives Auction extended the healing power of art to beneficiaries striving to enhance their mental health.

And the journey has continued beyond the event, as a few editions of these remarkable art prints have found their home in significant spaces like the Yar’adua Center, the Federal Ministry of Health, and the BraveHeart Initiative—expanding their reach and impact.

Creatives Auction remains committed to championing mental health year after year.

Our African Art for Change project, coupled with the creative brilliance of our network of visual artists, symbolizes an ongoing effort to break the chains of mental health stigma and nurture mental well-being.

The Art & Mind Art Exhibition was not just an event; it was a profound step towards a brighter, more inclusive future for mental health advocacy!

Moments from the Exhibition in less than 60 seconds. Video: Creatives Auction


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