Creatives Auction: Bridging the gap between African Creatives & the World

Jan 27, 2022

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Creatives Auction: The new online platform bridging the gap between African Creatives & the World

The Creatives Auction platform tackles unemployment by providing a digital means for African Creatives to connect more easily with buyers/collectors across the world and start earning a sustainable income selling their beautiful and unique works.

Abuja, Nigeria, January, 27th 2022Creatives Auction today announces the launch of its online platform aimed at putting the spotlight on talented African Creatives (visual artists, craft makers & indigenous fashion designers) while simultaneously helping them market their works to buyers and collectors around the world. By launching a platform that focuses primarily on Creatives across Africa, we are tackling unemployment by unlocking an employment gateway for talented youth and women across the continent. We are allowing them to be seen, giving them an opportunity to sell their work, and helping them earn a sustainable income.

“The African creative sector holds the potential to unlock the continent’s economy by creating new job opportunities for youth and women. It has been estimated that Africa currently contributes less than 1% to a global creative economy valued at as much as $2.2 trillion, signalling its vast untapped potential. There are thousands of young Africans with a talent for creating visual art, crafts, indigenous fashion items and more. However, many are forced to still depend on 9 – 5 jobs in order to survive because selling their work is hard. Our platform seeks to change this reality by creating unique profile pages to spotlight each Creative, allowing them to list their works for auction or outright sale and marketing on their behalf to help them close sales and earn a steady income. This way we’re spearheading innovation in the creative sector by offering a solution that empowers African Creatives to earn from their works and live a more comfortable and fulfilled life, said Asonibare Priscilla, Founder of Creatives Auction.”

Creatives Auction already has 100+ Creatives who have signed up to sell on the platform since it launched 2 weeks ago and is looking to grow this number to at least 5000+ before the end of 2022. The initial focus has been on Nigerian Creatives – however, the platform will be opened up to Creatives from other African countries from the beginning of Q2 of 2022. Additionally, the company plans to continue to update the platform over the next couple of months with exciting new functionality including online viewing rooms that Creatives and galleries can leverage for exhibitions to reach a wider audience. To stay updated on new Creatives and Works added to the platform as well as keep track of the company’s progress, you can sign up at for its free newsletter that goes out once each week.

About Creatives Auction

Creatives Auction is a first-of-it’s kind online auction platform created just for African Creatives (with an initial focus in Nigeria). Our mission is to bring African Creative talent to the limelight while giving them an easily accessible platform to make a living doing what they love.

Typically, across the African continent, creative fields such as art, writing, music and fashion are often regarded as hobbies and not actual career paths. However, to reverse the continent’s employment woes, there is a need to begin appreciating the utility of all careers! The Creatives Auction platform aims to do this by creating opportunities for thousands of youth across the continent to pursue their artistic dreams, earn an income and be seen + appreciated.


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Asonibare Priscilla 

Founder, Creatives Auction

[email protected]


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